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HIFU – does it work? 

That’s what we are asked at the beginning of every enquiry about our HIFU treatments, does it really work? Will I see results? Well before we get into whether HIFU works or not, we’ll start with how HIFU actually works to get those age defying results that everybody talks about. 

How does HIFU work?

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound. This focussed ultrasound works on the deeper layers of skin on the face (or neck) – it’s aim is to heat up the skin cells rapidly, to a temperature that is actually going to (temporarily) damage the cells. This might not sound great, until you understand that the damage actually stimulates the cells to produce more collagen. Collagen that results in tighter firmer skin. And this is all focussed on tissue below the skin’s surface, so no actual damage to the upper layer of the skin. 

So now you understand exactly how it works, does it really work? 

On this HIFU Before/After we can see how HIFU has lifted the skin around the mouth, with the fine lines completely disappearing after one treatment. 

How many HIFU treatments will I need to see results? 

This is the next most asked question we get from clients. Our answer? One treatment, that’s it, just one HIFU treatment and you will see results. Of course, we have clients who are completely different ages, and with age the elasticity of the skin decreases. Regardless of age, you will see results. 

Women over the age of thirty who have mild-moderate skin laxity will actually find that they experience the most results from one treatment. For those with more damaged skin or with a more severe skin laxity may require more treatments to see meaningful results. So basically, unless you are ready for a surgical facelift, HIFU is the perfect non-surgical facelift on the market. 

So you understand how it works, how many treatments it needs to work, but does it really work? 

The HIFU Before/After results can be seen on our lovely client here around the eyes, with visibly tighter skin and significant wrinkle reduction. As well as the same amazing results around the mouth area, giving an overall fresher, more youthful complexion. 

HIFU – does it work? YES

We can show you countless before and after photos from our wonderful clients, showing real results achieved through HIFU treatments here in Sydney. But what makes one picture look different from the next? 

Less wrinkles – a major benefit of HIFU treatments are that they assist in noticable wrinkle reduction.

Tighter skin – the most noticeable of results is always the tightening of sagging skin. Not only tighter skin, but overall smoother skin (who needs filters with smooth skin). 

Unexpected lift – tighter skin and less wrinkles results in an overall lifting of the appearance of the face, such as lifting the cheeks, eyelids or eyebrows. 

Enhancing the jawline – if your HIFU treatment was specifically to treat the skin around the jawline and neck, it results in enhancing your natural jawline. 

When you combine all of the above aesthetic benefits of HIFU it’s easy to see why it works, and why it’s quickly becoming a firm favourite in the beauty industry for those that aren’t quite ready to go under the knife, or those who are starting to notice the subtle signs of ageing already and want to slow down (or even stop in its tracks) the process. 

On this HIFU Before/After we can see how HIFU has tightened and lifted the skin around the mouth, jawline and neck, while smoothing out fine lines. Amazing results for a non-surgical facelift. 

Looking for HIFU in Sydney? 

If you are in the Sydney area and you’ve decided that you want to experience the transformation that High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound can provide, then let us help you. We are currently running special offers on all of our HIFU treatments, click here to find out more. You can always contact us online for more information, or if you’re sold and ready to go, you can Book Online using our easy booking system. 

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