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Lockdown Skin Care Vol. 1 – using the right products

I hope you are all doing well during these strange times in Sydney at the moment… With the city locked down I know we are all feeling a little out of sorts. It’s an important time to make sure you are looking after yourself, both physically and mentally. 

So we thought we’d give you a helping hand when it comes to looking after your skin during lockdown. We know we are unable to open the clinic right now due to restrictions, and that means that our clients haven’t been able to easily pick up their skincare products… but if you’ve run out PLEASE don’t just head to the supermarket or pharmacy to pick up a new moisturiser, and today we’re going to tell you why. 

Ps. we’re happy to post you any of our products, just get in touch with us and we can arrange it for you. 

The ‘problem’ with over the counter beauty products 

What are over the counter beauty products? Pretty much all of your supermarket, pharmacy or even department store products fall into this category. From moisturisers, to cleansers or serums, no matter how expensive they may be, they are only designed (and only have the ability to) target the epidermis (the very outermost layer of the skin). 

Professional, medical grade products (such as O Cosmedics that we use in our clinic) have the unique ability to penetrate this outer layer, and work internally right down to the dermal layer of skin. This is where we can help change how the skin is actually functioning and it’s structure. If you have skin issues such as pigmentation or acne, it is essential that you are using products that target the dermal layer of skin. Store bought products might smell and feel nice on the surface of your skin, but sadly they’re not really doing anything towards a physical change in the skin. 

But they say they have the same active ingredients…

So you’re checking out what’s available, and they all list well known active ingredients such as retinol or Vitamin A/Vitamin C… but despite what the label says, over the counter products have such small amounts of these ingredients, they aren’t sufficient enough to work. Not only do medical grade skin products contain enough potency of an ingredient for it to be effective, but they are also encapsulated to travel deep into the skin before releasing the potent ingredients where they will actually make a difference. 

How do I get medical grade skin products? 

Store bought products are sold by retail staff, who don’t require any specific training to sell the over the counter products, as they have such low active ingredients that do not penetrate the epidermis. 

To be able to work with medical grade clinic products you have to be a fully trained Dermal Clinician, having the ability to diagnose and treat the skin before prescribing the correct products for your client. 

At Advanced Rejuvenation we are trained Dermal Clinicians, and are able to offer our clients medical grade skincare products, based on their unique dermatological goals. Using these specialised products in the long term will continue to treat your skin at a cellular level, helping to maintain internal structures for longer. What does that mean? Fresher, younger, healthier looking skin long-term! 

Don’t waste your time (and money) on something you can buy in any old shop. This lockdown, treat your skin to some real goodness from our exceptional product range. Or if you’re already a big fan of our medical grade skincare products, PLEASE get in touch when you run out, don’t be tempted by the misleading advertising of the over the counter products available! 

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