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Bodysculpt – build muscle & burn fat, what more could you want?

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As we’re already into February (not sure where January went, that was pretty quick!), a lot of us are either flying or failing at our new year’s resolutions… whether it be having a break from the booze, hitting your 10,000 steps a day or sticking to your skincare routine (which we sincerely hope you all are!), it can be tough to keep yourself on track.

‘New year, new me’… we’ve all said it, or heard it, but how many of us stick to it? So we have something for those of you that are sticking (and need a bit of extra help), and a bit of motivation for those of you that could use the nudge… today we’re going to talk about Bodysculpting and how it can build muscle, burn fat, and help you get closer to the 2022 you that you promised yourself last year.


What is body sculpting?

In a nutshell, body sculpting (made popular by lots of celebrities) works by targeting certain areas of the body to reduce fat and improve muscle tone. It’s important to start off by saying that body sculpting is not a major weight loss treatment. It’s only going to work best for those who are getting close to their target weight through diet and exercise and are looking for ways to work on those stubborn areas that might be holding you back.

So for those of you who have stuck to the new year’s resolutions and are smashing your goals, the Bodysculpt Pro could be just what you need to help work on those more difficult stubborn areas such as your abs or buttocks. And for those of you who need a little motivation, even though you can feel results instantly after a session (and we’d usually recommend at least 5 sessions a few days apart for optimal results), you’ll really start to see the effects 2 – 4 weeks after your last treatment, and it will continue to improve for several weeks after that. So there’s no time like now to give it a go.



How does the Bodysculpt Pro work?

Our machine uses Functional Magnetic Stimulation technology to induce supramaximal muscle contractions that are not achievable through exercise, helping women (and men) build and sculpt the body.

During normal muscle contractions, muscle fibres relax between each stimulus. But the Bodysculpt Pro generates impulses at a rapid frequency and doesn’t allow a relaxation phase. These types of contractions cause an enhanced adrenaline release, triggering intensive lipolysis in fat cells. What does that mean? A 30-minute session is an equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches or squats (depending on the area you are targeting of course). Building/toning your muscles whilst targeting stubborn areas of fat cells.

The best thing about it? Anybody can benefit from this non-invasive treatment. The second best thing? We are currently offering 50% off all treatments. If you want to know more contact us to book a free consult to see what we can do to help you smash your goals for 2022, or if you’re already sold, you can book your treatment through our website.

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