Bodysculpt – build muscle & burn fat, what more could you want?

Slim toned body of young woman. Sporty woman wearing fitness clothing with short top

As we’re already into February (not sure where January went, that was pretty quick!), a lot of us are either flying or failing at our new year’s resolutions… whether it be having a break from the booze, hitting your 10,000 steps a day or sticking to your skincare routine (which we sincerely hope you all […]

Lockdown Skincare Vol. 3 -“Maskne”

We hope you are keeping well and safe! We have put together some tips this week for anyone suffering from that dreaded “maskne”.Even when lockdown ends, it’s pretty obvious that face masks are going to be a necessity in public spaces for the foreseeable future. Ever heard of ‘maskne’? Around the world people are breaking […]

Lockdown Skin Care Vol 2. – sun damage & prevention

One of the most common issues that our clients come to us with is pigmentation. If your skin produces too much melanin, then your skin becomes darker. This comes in a few forms, which you might recognise:  Melasma – this is believed to be caused by hormonal changes or imbalances, and can often occur during pregnancy.  […]

Lockdown Skin Care Vol. 1 – using the right products

I hope you are all doing well during these strange times in Sydney at the moment… With the city locked down I know we are all feeling a little out of sorts. It’s an important time to make sure you are looking after yourself, both physically and mentally.  So we thought we’d give you a […]

HIFU – does it work? 

That’s what we are asked at the beginning of every enquiry about our HIFU treatments, does it really work? Will I see results? Well before we get into whether HIFU works or not, we’ll start with how HIFU actually works to get those age defying results that everybody talks about.  How does HIFU work? HIFU stands for High Intensity […]