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Hydro Oxygen Facial


The Hydro Oxygen facial is our Super Cleanse facial with 7 Steps to deep cleanse, exfoliate, lift, firm and hydrate the skin at a dermal level leaving the skin refreshed and revitalised.

What Are The Benefits?

The Details


HydroDermabrasion – uses vacuum suction and lactic acid solution to gently clean and wash away cell debris – our Super Cleanse!


The Oxygeno hand piece uses an abundance of CO2 bubbles to exfoliate the upper skin layer to remove dead skin cells & clear blocked pores. This is know as the Bohr effect and helps to smooth the surface of the skin.


BiPolar RF uses radio frequency to lift, firm & tighten the skin creating internal energy to bind collagen and improve fine lines & wrinkles.


Our needle free Mesotherapy is a new system for intradermal delivery of active ingredients. It involves infusing large doses of vitamins ( A,B or C) deep into the skin.


The Oxygen Pen infuses concentrated Hylaronic acid which is atomised into tiny particles for delivery deep into the skin – pure hydration!


Cold Hammer – Ice-cold hammer helps to lock the infusions into the skin by helping to shrink pores. It also calms and repairs damaged skin and eliminates sensitivity.


LED Light Therapy – stimulates cellular activity to produce more collagen and elastin treating your skin from the inside out!

Deep pore cleansing, skin tightening, firming and collagen-boosting at your fingertips!

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Our clients experience visible improvement after just one treatment, with skin looking tighter, hydrated and more radiant. Multiple treatments will continue to improve the skin.

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