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ExoSkin Treatment


Are you someone that is concerned with ageing/sun damage or even acne? Then this New Stem Cell Therapy is for you!

Exosome Stem Cell Therapy is a game changer! Exosome is a protein that stimulates the growth of new cells – it is anti-inflammatory, it regenerates tissue to boost collagen and elastin production. This treatment is proven to reduce the appearance of ageing skin, pigmentation, and rosacea.
It has been shown to be up to 5 times stronger than regular PRP. Combining medical micro needling with our Exosome Stem Cell Therapy ensures effective deliver of the stem cells and incredible results.

We are excited to be one of the first clinics in Australia to offer this new corrective treatment.

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Unlocking the Power of Cell Communication for Rejuvenation

Have you heard about the latest breakthrough in aesthetics?
Exosomes are causing quite a buzz in the industry, but what exactly are they?

These tiny particles are naturally produced by various cells in our bodies and play a crucial role in cell-to-cell communication and genetic information transport. They act as messengers, instructing other cells on how and when to respond to different stimuli.
When our body needs to heal and regenerate, such as in the case of injury, exosomes are released to facilitate the tissue repair process. However, factors like age, genetic disorders, environmental influences, and chronic conditions can disrupt this communication and hinder proper healing.

Fortunately, the utilization of exosomes derived from young stem cells has shown remarkable potential in regulating regenerative processes and aiding in rejuvenation. By harnessing the power of these exosomes, we can unlock the secrets of effective cell communication and promote optimal healing and revitalization.

In a world-first, thanks to its potent active ingredients— ExoSkin treatment is a game-changer! Exosomes are the birth of a NEW Regenerative Force in skincare. This corrective procedure is shown to DRAMATICALLY address ALL skin concerns including sun damage, aging, rosacea, pigmentation and acne!

Partnering with the most progressive innovators in stem cell research, DermapenWorld has sourced ethically produced Exosomes. These are multipotent with about 7,000 Exosomes capable of fitting on the end of just one Dermapen 4 pen. This means microneedling is the most effective delivery mechanism of Exosomes into skin, without compromising the stem cells.

The combined therapy allows the regenerative capabilities of Exosomes to accelerate results of microneedling to help improve many skin conditions. To further maximise the results of in-clinic procedures clients are required to continue an at-home skin rejuvenation protocols with EXO-SKIN™ serum.

Experience the transformative effects of our ExoSkin Treatment and discover the rejuvenating power of enhanced cell communication. Trust in our expertise and cutting-edge technology to help you achieve your desired skin rejuvenation goals.

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The Exosomes are anti-inflammatory so the skin heals quickly. You may get a little redness post treatment but that will calm within 24hrs when the skin is healing.

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